Proverbs 16:24

"Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." -Proverbs 16:24

November 01, 2011

a quiet fix

Last week I entered into a battle.

My heart decided that it wanted to do somthing different. I was instantly discontent with playing with the children, submitting to my husband, and sitting still. I suddenly wanted to argue, to travel, to do SOMETHING besides bathe the kids, cook dinner, clean up toys in the living room. And every time one of the kids cried or I was frustrated in any way, I felt totally justified in my discontentment.

I knew that I needed to seek the Lord, I knew that I needed to pray, I knew that my attitude was wrong. I knew that my feelings of anger toward everyone and everything was totally unfair.

So, I plowed through the week, barely maintaining sanity. The weekend sure wasn't any better. Then, yesterday, when Tom and I were at our house (just picking up a few things as we are house/business-sitting for my in-laws) I picked up a devotion book. It is called 'Quiet Places' by Jane Rubietta. It is about finding time to let God be your peace. It is about taking those five or ten minutes before the kids are up, or while they nap, or after they are in bed to retreat. To pray, to read scripture, to meditate, to sit silently in front of the Lord and let Him work on your heart.

I suggest you read it. I suggest you soak it in. And I suggest you live it.

(I even woke up early today to lead by example! And early for me, means earlier than 6:30 am when my munchkin daughter wakes up!)

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  1. I have started taking the time with my first cup of coffee (be for I turn on the News) I new I should have taken time in the morning for God and felt guilty about it. now after several months its become a Habit, and they effects are remarkable!