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January 03, 2012

a desperate cry for help

If you read my blog very often, you are aware that my parents founded a non-profit organization called 'Stable Days Youth Ranch'.

our two sight-impaired horses, Charlie and Gideon
Stable Days is a faith-based equestrian mentoring program servicing diplaced, disadvantaged, or otherwise at-risk youth in the Greater Grand Forks area. Stable Days Youth Ranch has, at its core, a passion to work with disadvantaged children, wounded youth, and struggling families, providing a safe and peaceful environment where unconditional love, purposed mentoring, and hands-on experiences with our horses can provide a foundation where the values of faith, life and family can be learned. At no cost to the families, our program will offer 60-90 minute visits. Each child will be paired with one horse and one leader who will mentor, nurture, listen to and share in the child’s unique life story, developing a degree of trust and friendship while providing opportunities to bond with, care for and ride a horse. Our goal is to care for and focus on the mind, the body and the soul of each individual that comes to our program. Stable Days is a registered 501C3 (non-profit organization) in North Dakota.

Our herd currently consists of eight horses; Gemini, Taz, Precious, Ruby, Sissy, Samson, Charlie and Gideon.

Here is why I am writing in detail about this organization. We are currently in the process of buying a new, safe facility for our horses. We were previously boarding our horses at a ranch where they were neglected each and every time we were not around to monitor their care. A few of our horses were badly injured and because we needed to leave in a hurry, some board members of SDYR graciously stepped up and are allowing our horses to stay at their farm temporarily. Our horses have healed up nicely and are doing great, but they need a permanent home.

We have found a beautiful facility in East Grand Forks, MN called the Riverbend. It is fifty fabulous acres of horse paradise and an abandoned restraunt that will be converted into a home for my parents and a few of the volunteers, plus will include a 'hang out' space for participants of Stable Days. My parents are trying to sell their house now to pay for this property but we have hit a major time crunch. The owner of the property needs us to put down $25,000 to close and he needs us to do this is just a few weeks.

I am humbly begging for each of you, readers, to help if you can. If you have $5 or $100 or some wealthy friends, I would ask that you consider donating to this amazing program.

The website is currently under contruction, so their online donating link is not working, but if you are able to donate, or could chat with some people who may be willing, PLEASE email me.

If you feel comfortable with this, you can also mail checks written out to 'Stable Days Youth Ranch' to our program address 504 South 6th Street, Grand Forks, ND 58201.

Please please please please please spread the word and pray about whether or not you would be able to help us financially.

Thank you so much for listening!

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  1. Your parents are the best hearted people ever! -Heidi