Proverbs 16:24

"Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." -Proverbs 16:24

October 17, 2011

dear broken hearts,

Dear Broken Hearts,

I am writing to you because I owe you an apology. For a time, you entrusted me with your love, with your friendship, with your secrets; and I failed you.

My selfish pride took over. I ruined the fragile bonds of trust that we had built. And I hope you can forgive me.

I lied to you. I used you. I intentionally hurt you. I abondoned you. I sinned againt you. I broke promises I had made to you. I let you down. I twisted your words. I talked behind your back. I disappointed both you and I.

I didn't stick up for you. I didn't stay by your side. I didn't hold your hand. I didn't protect your reputation. I didn't let you be yourself. I didn't allow you to get into my heart. I didn't tell you why I left. I didn't tell you where I was. I didn't say anything.

I am truly and fiercely sorry. I hope desperately that you can forgive me. I hate living with the knowledge that I have hurt so many, so badly. But, I know that love covers a multitude of sins, and so I am sending my love. I will just wait and pray that my love finds you with a smile on your face, and forgiveness in your heart.

With all my love and sincerity,

[A] final comfort that is small, but not cold: The heart is the only broken instrument that works. ~T.E. Kalem

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